About Our Team & Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles

David S. Boone, President/CEO

David S. Boone founded the company in April of 2000. He began his path into protective services by serving in the U.S. Army as a Reconnaissance Scout, then upon his Honorable Discharge, joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. As a Deputy Sheriff, David worked assignments in Custody, Patrol, Detectives and Special Enforcement details. David is a certified K9 Handler, a certified self-defense instructor, a Black Belt in Aikido and trains team members in tactical firearms and situational awareness. David was shot during a gun battle in 1995 forcing an early retirement and moving him into the private sector. He has 30+ years of risk management and protective operations experience and has worked for several agencies building his knowledge and experience with clients including:

  • Toyota Motor Sales as the Manager of Executive Protection and Investigations
  • State Department-Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) as a protective agent
  • Sony Pictures protecting a Grammy winning record company owner/producer
  • Reba McIntyre as a close protection agent for 5 years on the “Reba” show
  • UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown protective detail
  • Duchess of York protective detail
  • President Clinton and President Bush speaking engagement protective detail
  • Protective Security support for Secret Service, FBI, Homeland Security and Scotland Yard
  • Protective Services at Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, Emmy Awards and many more award shows

In order to stay one step above other protective services companies, David continued to refine the skills of Pentagon’s team and in 2009, he began studying behavioral sciences to enhance the awareness of agents to better serve Pentagon’s clients. David collaborated with Dr. Paul Ekman from The Ekman Group, a renowned psychologist who is famous for his work in the study of Reading People and Deception Detection utilizing the communication channels all humans use (Facial Expressions, Body Language, Voice, Verbal Style and Statement Analysis). After taking and passing his courses in Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility and Emotional Skills and Competencies, David was offered to become a Certified Trainer in Dr. Ekman’s programs, which he accepted and provided training for several years to Pentagon’s protective detail agents, law enforcement, security personnel, private investigators and attorneys.